Our Motto

Our Motto

Our company’s motto “Client Centred Legal Services - because we care, we listen and we help” very much sums up the approach followed by its expert team of lawyers when it comes to addressing clients’ issues. Expert knowledge, tactfulness and negotiation skills of our Singapore lawyers with the company make S Skandarajah & Co one of the best Singapore law firms. From drafting legal documents in divorce cases to building up the case for example in civil litigation, the services offered by us cover legal matters effectively.

Our Services

Lawyers in Singapore can also provide you with a range of important and useful services. Examples of such services include: representing you in court if you are either charged with a criminal offence or if you are sued by someone. Your lawyer will advice you on matters relating to your defence. Applying to court for a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration when a family member has passed away so that the...

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Criminal Law

When you are being investigated or facing criminal charges or concerned about being charged with a criminal offence, you will need a good lawyer to treat your matter with the importance that it deserves.

Immigration Matters

Our practice generally relates to the attainment of permanent residency and or Singapore citizenship.

Deed Poll/Power of Attorney

The firm regularly has people wanting to either change their names or appoint an attorney to act on their behalf especially when they are unable to do so themselves.

Motor Accident Claims

A motor accident can not only cause property damage but my also cause personal injury. When it comes to such matters, we have the experience to gauge the viability of your matter given the circumstances of your motor insurance claim or personal injury.