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Civil and Commercial Litigation

Civil and Commercial Litigation

Our firm of Civil litigators provide our clients with the protection that they may require. We represent clients in both the State courts and High Court in Singapore.

In the event that you want to bring a claim, then the nature and amount of your claim will determine which Court you should file your claim with. In the State Courts, there are three Courts that hear civil matters.

The first of these is the Small Claims Tribunals where the amount in dispute does not exceed $10,000 [or up to $20,000 with the consent of both parties to the dispute]. However the claims brought here has further limitations. This forum is suitable where the disputes arise from a contract for the sale of goods or the provision of services or in tort, where there is damage caused to any property, other than damage sustained in an accident arising out of or in connection with the use of a motor vehicle.

The second of these is the Magistrates' Court where the amount in dispute does not exceed $60,000. Finally there is the District Court which hears disputes that does not exceed $250,000.

There is also a forum for litigants to explore by trying to resolve their disputes without going to trial at the Primary Dispute Resolution Centre (PDRC).

For any civil matters where the amount in dispute exceeds $250,000.00, then the matter [subject to certain exceptions] must be heard in the High Court.